Thatching Straw

North Farm has been growing thatching straw for more than 30 years

At North Farm we have been growing Maris Widgeon wheat for the production of wheat reed thatching straw for more than 30 years. While we have tried a few other varieties, such as N59, we have found that Widgeon suits our soil type and we can consistently produce good quality straw.

We have a number of loyal and regular local thatchers who we supply to; we try to match our production to what they require. That being said, we are always pleased to hear from potential new customers and with some planning we can normally accommodate additional orders.

Our straw is sold in large 260kg bales, consisting of approximately 40 bundles. We load these onto customers’ vehicles with our telehandlers and the straw is weighed out on the farm’s weighbridge. We can deliver locally if required.

Nigel Turton – Thatching Straw Customer

“I have been using North Farm thatching straw for over 25 years. The straw is grown, harvested and combed out in the traditional way. Recently some farmers have tried to take short cuts on combed wheat production but in my opinion you cannot cut corners.
North Farm thatching straw is of a consistently good standard and I personally have roofs which i thatched over 20 years ago which are still performing well.”

Nigel G Turton (Thatching)