Why North Farm?

If you’re considering a contract farming partner, then you may well wonder why choose North Farm? Because at North Farm we’re not just about broad-acre farming and forcing you to fit our mould, we listen to your plans and ideas and take into account your interests, be they shooting, conservation or riding for example. We aim to foster close partnerships with our customers. We understand that your farm is your home and we don’t want to change that.

So what else does North Farm do over and above a standard contract farming agreement?

To start with
  • We’re experienced. We already have several of these agreements in place and they’re long standing. Speak to our customers as they are our best advertisement.
  • Each agreement is bespoke. Your goals are our targets.
  • Communication, communication, communication. We can’t emphasise this enough. We are always contactable. We will have at least six formal, minuted meetings per year with more informal meetings in between. Harvest yields are updated by email every 24 hours. Our newsletter will you up-to-date with current topics, be they grain marketing, legislation or agronomy.
  • Attention to detail. We micro-manage each farm and each field on that farm, and are proud to do so. We tailor inputs to each situation. We don’t compromise on our agronomy to improve ease of filling the sprayer.
Management expertise
  • We have long-standing relationships with merchants and suppliers to ensure that we get both the best deals and the best sales. Being key account holders with our farming partners means receiving the best advice and service.
  • We use buying groups and independent agronomy to give you impartial advice and the lowest input costs around.
  • Our management team is qualified and experienced, and we’re not about to retire.
  • Being a family business means we’re driven to succeed. We’re not a national organisation bound by cumbersome restrictions and policy, and managed by graduates who are keen albeit fresh from University.
  • We use the latest in technology and innovation to keep your farm at the forefront of productivity.
  • We have GPS steering on all our key machines
  • Variable rate Nitrogen and base fertilisers, as well as seed are all catered for.
  • Our 36 metre pneumatic fertiliser means we can apply the most cost-effective products rather than more costly liquid fertilisers, or UK-produced ammonium nitrates.
  • Yield mapping on our Claas combine
  • Crop application records are uploaded to Gate Keeper software in real time, from the tractor cab.
  • Controlling costs and maximising income are priorities. We have the building blocks in place to make this a reality.
  • Annual budgets with updated actuals can all be arranged as required throughout the year.
  • If necessary, we can oversee the administration of the farm account with you the owner retaining control of payments.
Grain Storage/Logistics
  • If required, North Farm can provide grain storage and drying facilities
  • Using our serviced and stamped weighbridge, we know exactly how much grain we’ve harvested from each field, and can verify each load sold.
  • We have experience with Entry Level Schemes (ELS) and Higher Level Schemes (HLS), as well as Organic Entry Level Schemes (OELS) and the new Mid-Tier Countryside Stewardship. Our farming principles aren’t about intensely farming every square inch of your land. Instead, together, we can match your farming ambitions with a sustainable cropping plan that can quite easily incorporate environmental features and wildlife habitats to give a balanced farming regime.